Baseline Nutritionals® Glucotor® V.2 – 180 capsules


Glucotor® v.2 is a sugar and lipid metabolic enhancement health supplement, which helps support your body’s ability to maintain healthy blood sugar levels and optimise glucose metabolism

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Baseline Nutritionals® Glucotor® v.2

  • Enhances the body’s ability to metabolize glucose and fats.
  • Helps your body smooth sugar spikes from high glycemic meals.
  • Mimics the life extension potential of calorie restricted diets.
  • Contains Gymnema Sylvestre to support healthy blood sugar levels.
  • Formulated with Cinnulin PF, a cinnamon extract to improve glucose metabolism.
  • Supports pancreas and liver health.

Glucotor® v.2 is a natural dietary supplement that may help manage many of the problems associated with bad diet (particularly sugars and high glycemic foods) — and may also help your body in rebuilding those very organs (such as the pancreas and liver) that have been damaged by poor diet. And finally, studies have shown that the ingredients in Glucotor® v.2 may mimic the effects of calorie restricted diets, thereby possibly extending life itself.

Glucotor® v.2 is not a diabetes formula and is not sold as a diabetes supplement.


Supplement Facts


Take 1-2 capsules of Glucotor® v.2 5-10 minutes before eating. Start slowly and build to desired dosage.

Note: some people have a problem digesting the capsules quickly enough. If you do not get the results you expect, try taking the Glucotor® v.2 out of the capsules and having it with a little applesauce or mixed in a small glass of water.

Not recommended if trying to conceive. Talk to your doctor before using if you are taking medications for blood sugar levels, cholesterol, or heart disease.

Serving Size: 2 Vegetarian Capsules
Servings per Container: 90
Amount per Serving: 1100 mg
Container Size: 180 Capsules
Strength: 500 mg
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Nopal 300 mg N/A*
Konjac Mannan 234 mg N/A*
Gymnema Sylvestre 25% 192 mg N/A*
Fenugreek Extract 60-80% 192 mg N/A*
Bitter Melon Extract 4:1 66 mg N/A*
Cinnulin PF ® * 100 mg N/A*
1% Corosolic Acid Banaba Leaf 16 mg N/A*
Other ingredients: Vegetable Gelatin
All ingredients are either domestically sourced or selectively imported
* Daily Value Not Established*Cinnulin PF is a registered trademark of Integrity NutraceuticalsNo materials used to produce this product are derived from or contain any Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)All Vegan and Vegetarian Formula

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