Dr Mercola’s Pro-Optimal Protein Powder (540g)


Pro-Optimal Whey™ Protein Mix is a powdered nutritional formula with a balanced combination of protein, fats, carbs and micronutrients.  It uses biologically-active whey protein from pasture-fed cows. It contains no artificial sweeteners and no soy.

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Pro-Optimal Whey™ Protein Mix is a powdered nutritional formula using un-denatured, whey from pasture-fed cows.

It also:

  • Contains immunoglobulins and lactoferrin — to promote a healthy GI tract and immune system
  • Has NO artificial sweeteners or flavours (no chemical aftertaste)
  • Tastes great and dissolves easily without clumping
  • Can be the base of smoothies, or added to porridge or other dishes.
  • Uses biologically-active whey protein brimming with amino acids (no soy)”

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Pro-Optimal Vanilla

Pro-Optimal Chocolate

Keeping a Super-Protein ‘Super’

Once milk is heated (to approximately 163°), nutritional breakdown and chemical modification begin. Both of these denature the milk, and by extension, the whey proteins inside.

Pasteurizing destroys enzymes, weakens vitamins, denatures or damages fragile milk proteins, destroys vitamin B12 and B6, kills beneficial bacteria and promotes pathogens.

What’s more, once the protein is denatured, the vital protein-bound fats are cut loose.

Even today’s most expensive whey products – isolates, ion exchange, concentrates and hydrolyzed form – are denatured by-products of cheese manufacturing that fall short of preserving the biological activity of the whey proteins. These damaged proteins leave just a slim range of proteins to contribute to your health.

Pro-Optimal Whey™ never uses cross-flow filtration, microfiltration, hydrolyzation, ion exchange, or any process that could denature the original proteins as found in pure, raw milk.

Pro-Optimal Whey™ uses Proserum® Whey Protein. Proserum® is a customized non-denatured, whey protein powder. It undergoes a unique pasteurization process to keep the full range of all the fragile immune balancing and restoring components of fresh raw milk.

The Proserum® used in Pro-Optimal Whey™ is an exceptional quality natural whey protein. It took years of work to perfect the proprietary filtration and drying methods to lessen processing and retain critical nutrients.

Some vendors of whey powders will tell you that processing methods don’t really matter. That is simply not true, due to the negative impact of heat and filtering.

Benefits of Whey Protein

Using the finest quality whey protein – without stripping it down via heat and processing – means you get powerful and important benefits from natural whey. How about these ways to help your wellbeing?

  • Lactoferrin. Enhances iron absorption when needed.* Also supports immune health and optimal inflammation levels.*
  • Immunoglobins. Numerous immune system benefits.*
  • Bovine Serum Albumin. Along with lactoferrin and immunoglobins, contains generous amounts of cysteine and glutamine (necessary for glutathione production).
  • Covalent-Bonded Cysteine. Critical precursor of the intracellular production of glutathione (GSH), your master antioxidant and detoxifier.*
  • Active Peptides. Specialized paired amino acids that display a helpful information transfer factor effect on the immune system.* They also boost intracellular glutathione.*
  • Growth Factors. These growth-promoting protein fractions help regenerate aged or injured cells, build and retain muscle, process energy efficiently, enhance immunity, and support healthy blood sugar and brain chemicals.*

Why Does It Matter What the Cows Eat?

Cows Milk Rich In Pro-Optimal Whey
Pesticide-free, natural milk from pasture-fed cows provides an optimal nutrient base for ProOptimal Whey™.

You may be trying to use as much natural, pesticide-free food as possible. And, of course, I encourage you to do so.

That’s why I’m especially pleased to be able to offer you Pro-Optimal Whey™ – because it delivers that also.

The milk used in Pro-Optimal Whey Protein™ comes only from cows that graze on pesticide-free, natural grass pastures.

These cows are never subjected to chemicals, hormones, antibiotics, genetically modified organisms, hyper-immunizations, injected pathogens, or any bovine growth hormones – giving you peace of mind in addition to wellness.

Plus, these cows are not from factory farms that feed their cows grains. Grain-feeding can transform healthy milk proteins into allergens and carcinogens – which is caused by modern feeding methods that substitute high-protein, soy-based feeds for fresh green grass.

Pasture-fed cows’ milk has excellent levels of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which is transferred to you in the whey powder.

CLA may be one of the most potent antioxidant substances in your diet.* Additionally, it supports healthy weight, normal immune function, and helps promote normal insulin and cholesterol levels.*

Agricultural Research dairy scientist Larry Satter, based at the Dairy Forage Research Center in Madison, Wisconsin, conducted a study comparing the amount of CLA in milk from cows grazing on pasture to the amount from cows fed hay or silage.

Astoundingly, he concluded that pasture-grazed cows had 500% more CLA in their milk than cows fed silage.

So Pro-Optimal Whey™, via pasture-fed milking cows, provides you with a terrific source of CLA. Which is a great thing… because CLA can’t be produced by your body. Instead, you must get it through foods like whole milk, butter, beef and lamb.

But there’s more to Pro-Optimal Whey™ than “just” high-quality protein – lots more.


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