Be Free™ Habit Relief Formula Drops (50 ml)


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Be Free™ Habit Relief Formula is your support system in a bottle assisting you to break free from your unhealthy lifestyle habits by balancing both your mind and body, moving you towards better health and vitality.

3 Remedies in 1

  1. Nerve and General Tonic: calms and strengthens the nervous system, improves quality of sleep, and increases mental clarity and general vitality.
  2. Liver Tonic: aids general detoxification in the body, and assists and improves digestion.
  3. Emotional Balancer: eases anxiety and irritability, relieves nervous tension, helps decrease ‘cravings’ especially those heightened by mood swings.

Potential Health Benefits

  • A nerve tonic – may assist  with fatigue, restlessness & irritability
  • May promotes clarity of mind
  • May assist with  quality sleep
  • May be beneficial for stress, anxiety & mood swings
  • May improves endurance and  may boost your weight loss
  • May be of support in aiding your digestion –  may assist in weight loss by reducing cravings
  • May be used as a Liver Tonic –  may assist in cleansing  and may support liver function ( may aid in detoxification of the body)

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