New Formula Life Capsules – Rejuve Herbal Capsules for bowel health (40 capsules)


Rejuve Herbal Capsules contain herbs which re-establish and strengthen the peristaltic action of the colon.



Specially formulated and used by medical herbalists over several generations, these capsules contain herbs high in phyto-nutrients that are known to have a strengthening effect on the peristaltic action of the colon. These potent and effective herbal ingredients stimulate contractions in the colon muscles, causing them to develop integrity and vigour, as they are encouraged to perform in a healthy way.

This formula strengthens the bowel:  the active ingredients instigate contractions of the colon muscles, causing them to develop integrity and vigour, as they are encouraged to perform.  They do not function as a laxative.  Laxatives tend to make the bowel dependent and lazy.

The bitter components in this formula have a cleansing and rejuvenating effect on the colon as well as the liver, gall bladder and pancreas.

The recommended dose may vary from person to person and it is suggested to start with a minimum dose and work up until the desired effect is achieved: that is of 2-3 well-formed, daily bowel movements.

Best taken on an empty stomach, unless otherwise directed.

For general maintenance:

  • 1 capsule every second night before bed

Reactions may include: Abdominal cramping or pain, watery motions, acidic excretions, burning of the rectum, passing of green and yellow sludge or fungus, excretion of yellow or clear mucus, violent excretions. Reduce the dose as necessary.

These are not intended to take the place of corrective dietary or lifestyle considerations and it is recommended that they be taken only in conjunction with a personalised plan from a health care professional.

Ingredients: Myrrh, Ginger, Aloe

40 capsules per bottle.




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