Platypus Dreams Aluminium-Free Deodorant Stick (23 g)

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A soft fragranced, super long-lasting deodorant, which is made in Queensland.  It is free of Aluminium, Alum, Alcohol, Petrochemicals, Triclosan, Parabens or harsh chemicals.

Lasts longer than any other natural deodorant that we have tried 8-12hrs We have had reports back that this deodorant has lasted for days. Normal bathing activities did not change it’s effectiveness.


Use a small amount and apply under each arm, rub in well. There should be no residue visible, if so you are using too much. Re-apply when needed. Each person’s requirements will be different. This product is designed to let you sweat naturally without the odour that is associated with perspiration.

It can also be used under breasts and other areas to help prevent chafing in hot humid conditions, can be used on minor abrasions in an emergency.

Finger Application:

Rub the deodorant with a clean finger until it’s soft and then apply to the armpit. This armpit touching may seem not so nice for some, but for others this is excellent because at the same time they are able to feel if there is any change in the armpit area which is full of lymph nodes. Early detection of any lumps or bumps is always a must and if you are applying this every day in this manner then you are kind of checking as well. What a bonus.

Travelling Tips:

When travelling or in times of excessive perspiration. When in the washroom wet a paper towel with a little soap on it, wash and then rinse with another wet paper towel, then dry the area with another paper towel and apply deodorant like normal. Re-applying without washing will work but not as effectively.

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Lemon Fresh, Light Herbal, Soft Floral