Wellness Resources® Daily Protector™ (180 caps)


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Broad-spectrum antioxidant formula for daily immune support, eye health, and skin health. Boosts antioxidant concentrates; important if lacking vegetables in the diet. High in lutein, lycopene, and bilberry to support eye health.*

Fruits and vegetables contain a variety of health promoting compounds, many acting as powerful antioxidants that quench free radicals, support immunity, and generally protect the human body. Dietary antioxidants are required for optimal cellular health. Daily Protector™ is a combination of many of the finest fruit and vegetable extracts in the world, along with other cofactor nutrients that facilitate antioxidant function. Supplemental fruit and vegetable extracts are oftentimes more absorbable than foods, since they are in an easy to absorb form (free of plant fibers requiring digestion) and can be concentrated for health supporting compounds.*

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