Wellness Resources® Daily Prenatal Multi Vitamin™ (120 capsules)


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Daily Prenatal Multi Vitamin™ is a complete prenatal vitamin with highly absorbable forms of nutrients for your health and your baby’s development. It naturally boosts your energy and nourishes your growing baby. It is an excellent multivitamin to take prior to, during, and after pregnancy.*

It contains superior quality coenzyme B vitamins that your body can readily use for energy and stress tolerance.* A true quality multiple vitamin, with no cheap ingredients so commonly found in supplements.

  • Balanced prenatal vitamin to fuel your baby’s growth*
  • Improves energy, mood, and stress tolerance*
  • Highly absorbable forms of B vitamins and folic acid
  • Contains B12 in the form of methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalmin. These coenzyme forms of B12 are highly absorbable and readily provide energy. Wellness Resources never use the cyanide-producing form of B12, called cyanocobalamin. Check your label!
  • Includes iron bisglycinate (100% non-toxic) and zinc for growth*
  • Does not cause nausea or constipation*
  • Contains Krebs cycle nutrients to help energy production even in fatigued individuals. No citrate, as that may cause fatigue. Includes malate for muscle energy.*
  • No synthetic B vitamins or other nutrients.

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