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Wellness Resources® DHA Kids™ is a molecularly-distilled, mercury-free fish oil specifically high in the DHA omega oil. This supports mood, learning, nerves, and vision.  It provides essential omega 3 oils that are commonly lacking from the diet.*

There is a significant quality difference among fish oil supplements on the market. Wellness Resources DHA Kids™ is molecularly distilled, ensuring no heavy metals or mercury in the supplement. It is a modified fish oil that is high in DHA and low in EPA. Too much EPA may thin blood too much or get in the way of DHA doing its job.*

DHA Kids™ fish oil is in the natural triglyceride form (TG). The TG form of fish oil is more bioavailable than ethyl esters (EE). The triglyceride form is easier for the body to digest and absorb. This means no burping of fish oil and better DHA uptake into cells. The triglyceride form is a more stable form of fish oil that will not oxidize in the capsule.*

  • Small capsules, ideal for children
  • Highest quality fish oil, in natural triglyceride form
  • High in the desirable DHA omega 3 oils

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DHA Kids

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