Wellness Resources® Male Plus™ (90 capsules)


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Male Plus™ provides excellent nutrition for men, especially those over 40. It supports drive and testosterone production.*

  • Supports male health*
  • Supports sex drive*
  • Includes 7-Keto DHEA, tribulus terristrus, muira puama, L-ornithine*

Male Plus is designed as a male system tonic, helping to provide nourishment to perk up interest and sexual energy.* It does not contain yohimbine or other compounds that are primary nervous system stimulants, as we don’t consider this to be of any great value and may act to irritate the system.

This is not a body building supplement or an athletic performance enhancing supplement. For example, it does not raise testosterone to abnormal levels that build massive muscle or provide some type of competitive sports advantage. No herbal supplements have been proven to do that.

Rather, the focus of this supplement is on nourishment of the male system, helping to support natural levels of testosterone production and energy production.*

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