About Positive Health

How I can help you

My name is Narelle Blakeman and I have completed studies to qualify as a Kinesiologist.  I own and operate Positive Health Australia.  I believe, given the right combination of nutritional support, the body can heal itself.   Supporting the structure and function of the body through re-mineralisation, high-quality supplementation, as well as addressing pathogens and systemic toxicities allows the body to achieve, maintain and enhance health.


The practices and products I suggest are ones which I have researched, have personal experience of and know to work.

Narelle Blakeman smiling and posing

My aim is to promote true health and well-being which enables you to lead a more fulfilling and better quality of life on every level – physically, mentally, and spiritually.

I look forward to being of assistance in your progress towards better eating and optimum health.