14 Apr 2014
April 14, 2014

Home-Made Chocolate

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Ingredients: 250 g raw cocoa butter 50 g coconut oil 6 Tablespoons raw cacao powder (start with 1 Tbspn per 50g oils cacao powder  – you can adjust darkness and strength from this point with more or less powder) Coconut Sugar (I use this for a little sweetening to taste, by adding 2 teaspoons to.. read more →

The recent Mercola article “Genetic Fallacy:  How Pesticide Companies Silence Scientific Dissent” contains a 12-minute video by a journalist, John Corbett, which gives a chilling summary of the state of scientific research, particularly in relation to the conduct of research in the GM field. “Corbett discusses the case of Gilles-Eric Séralini and colleagues; French researchers.. read more →

Pregnancy is no time to cut quality corners with nutrition. You want to make sure that the prenatal vitamin you are taking is truly supporting your health and the healthy development of your baby. However, the quality of most prenatal vitamins on the Australian market is greatly lacking.  When looking at the most of the.. read more →

According to Health Impact News, Sweden decided to scrap its former low-fat diet dogma, which is still embraced by the U.S. and most other Western countries, after an independent committee comprised of doctors and other health experts determined it to be total quackery. Learn more:  http://www.naturalnews.com/042780_Sweden_low-fat_diet_myth_butter.html   read more →

03 Nov 2013
November 3, 2013

Rich Choc-Nut Protein Balls Recipe

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Positive Health Protein Balls recipe

Ingredients: 4 tbspns extra virgin coconut oil 250 g unsalted nut butter (I use 1/2 ABC nut butter and 1/2 hazelnut butter, but use anything you like) 2 cups of crushed unsalted dry-roasted nuts (1 1/2 cups almonds, 1/2 cup cashews/pistachios. I’ve used a dry-roasted nut mix) 3 tbspns of sunflower and pumpkin seeds 2.. read more →