Wellness Resources® Digestive Helper™ (100 capsules)


A broad-spectrum of enzymes to enhance the digestion of all types of food, including fats, dairy, protein, and gluten. Helps reduce gas or bloating.*. All vegetarian.

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Wellness Resources® Digestive Helper™ contains high potency, pure plant enzymes for digesting all types of food.* Wellness’ many years of experience has shown that plant enzymes are the top choice for assisting digestion.* This unique enzymes are active over a wide pH (3 to 9), and work in the upper portion of the stomach for a full hour after a meal has been eaten.*

Unlike other enzymes such as hydrochloric acid or pancreatic enzymes, our enzymes are designed to assist digestion of a very broad array of foods.* The proteases digest protein. The amylase, glucoamylase, invertase, maltase and lactase digest carbohydrate and sugars.* Lipase digests fats. Cellulase breaks down fiber.*

Many of the symptoms of indigestion (gas, bloating, heartburn) may be caused by a lack of digestive power.* In such cases the acid and alkali components of food may begin to react and form gas – which also may result in bloating.* Incompletely digested food may “back up” causing heartburn.* Oftentimes, a boost of digestive power will help get the whole process on track.*

In addition to the enzymes, various herbs (DGL, ginger, and slippery elm) that are soothing to the digestive tract have been added.* Ginger also helps bring warmth and circulation to the digestive tract.* This combination is helpful for individuals in weakened condition or those who lack appetite.*


Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 2 capsules

Directions: Can be taken before, during, after and between meals.

Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Enzyme Blend 313 mg *
Peptidase 25,000 HUT *
Protease 3.0 75 SAPU *
Amylase 5,700 DU *
Protease 4.5 15,000 HUT *
Glucoamylase 18 AGU *
Diastase 1350 DP0 *
Lipase 500 FIP *
Cellulase 400 CU *
Lactase 500 ALU *
Invertase (sucrase) 500 SU *
Protease 6.0 1,000 HUT *
BioCore DPP IV® 100 mg *
Protease 500 DPP IV *
Protease 30,000 HUT *
Protease 8.5 AP *
Licorice (DGL) (root) 4:1 ext. 200 mg *
Ginger (rhizome) 100 mg *
Slippery Elm (bark) 100 mg *

* Daily Value not established.

Other Ingredients: Vegetable cellulose, rice bran, and water.

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