Siberian Red (200mls)


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Siberian Red ® is a natural, dark red herbal concentrate, extracted without heat or alcohol from Siberian Fir needles (Abies sibirica). Simply mixed with water or fruit juice, it is a great way to hydrate and benefit from its potent antioxidant and adaptogenic properties .

Adaptogens assist the body in coping with high oxidative stress levels.

* High antioxidant activity.  ORAC values for batches tested to date are around 350,000 µmol/L as Vitamin E  equivalents

* High iron content.  The iron content is approximately 1,700-2,000 ppm.  Two glasses of a 1:100 dilution in  water would provide at least 25 percent of the RDI for iron for children and (non-pregnant) adults.  The  iron is present in the most bioavailable and least toxic form, namely as a ferric–maltol complex.

* Adaptogenic properties.  Trials have shown that Bioeffective® I leads to an enhanced functioning of the immune system

* Ability to increase stamina and endurance.

* No reported side effects. There have been no allergic or toxic reactions observed in any of the studies to date.


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