Wellness Resources® Oregano Oil (180 capsules)


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Wellness Resources® Oregano Oil contains a full 100 mg of wild oregano oil per capsule, containing 65% carvacrol. Carvacrol is the active component in oregano oil.*

This powerful aromatic oil has long been regarded as an aid for sinus or lung congestion. Wild oil of oregano’s traditional use is for general immune system support.*

Many companies will not list the carvacrol content of their oregano oil, as the potency is so low they don’t want you to know. Other companies hide the amount of wild oregano oil in a “proprietary blend,” deceiving customers. For example, they do not tell you on the label how much wild oregano oil is contained in each serving. Instead, they hide the oregano oil amount in a proprietary blend of olive oil, wherein the oil is listed as the first ingredient. This means that olive oil is at least half the milligrams listed and potentially 90% or more of the product; the consumer never knows.

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Wellness Resources® Oregano Oil

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