03 Nov 2013
November 3, 2013

Rich Choc-Nut Protein Balls Recipe

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Positive Health Protein Balls recipe


4 tbspns extra virgin coconut oil
250 g unsalted nut butter (I use 1/2 ABC nut butter and 1/2 hazelnut butter, but use anything you like)
2 cups of crushed unsalted dry-roasted nuts (1 1/2 cups almonds, 1/2 cup cashews/pistachios. I’ve used a dry-roasted nut mix)
3 tbspns of sunflower and pumpkin seeds
2 tbspn coconut sugar
4 tbspns dessicated coconut
6 tbspns raw protein powder vanilla
6 tbspns raw cacao powder
2 tbspns organic unsulphured blackstrap molasses
50 g dried ┬ásour cherries or inca berries roughly chopped (or goji berries, or …)
Shredded coconut to roll balls in


  1. Melt coconut oil over a low heat in a double saucepan or put bowl in oven for short time. Note: the idea is to melt the oil, not cook it
  2. Add nut butter, mix
  3. Add dry ingredients and mix
  4. Add blackstrap molasses, mix. The texture should be sticky and clumped together. If it’s still crumbly and falls apart, just add more melted coconut oil or nut butter
  5. Roll into balls and coat with shredded coconut
  6. Store in refrigerator

Please note:

* I wanted a crunchy texture so I put the nuts and seeds between sheets of greaseproof paper and crushed the nuts with a rolling pin.
* This is low sugar, low GI. You can adjust sweetness with proportions of coconut sugar and/or molasses.

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  1. Just the way I like it Narelle! best superfood snack


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