Poor Quality Pregnancy Multi In Fancy Packaging

Pregnant woman sitting on her bed with hands on her belly smiling

Pregnancy is no time to cut quality corners with nutrition. You want to make sure that the prenatal vitamin you are taking is truly supporting your health and the healthy development of your baby.

However, the quality of most prenatal vitamins on the Australian market is greatly lacking. When looking at the most of the pregnancy multis on the market, they not only provide poor quality vitamins and minerals in low dose, but are also loaded with additives, fillers, and artificial colours, that can cause a whole lot of health problems in large doses.

Just because some products on the market have been promoted and/or celebrity-endorsed as being “natural” or “healthy” doesn’t automatically make it true, and such is the case with some pregnancy multi-vitamins, like Bayer’s Elevit and Blackmore’s Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Formula.


Compare these high-quality supplements with the poor quality ones that are heavily advertised in Australia.

Look for supplements with nutrients that are in the most bio-available (absorbable) form,  such as:


Pico-ionic Minerals:






Methylated B Vitamins





Vitamin D



Essential Fatty Acids



Vitamin C Complex